Thomas became world-famous after the media showed the pictures of the first ever documented pregnant transgender man.

Thomas and his wife Nancy try to be an ordinary family, but the society strongly disapproves them. Almost every day the man gets threats, some even against his life, and people on the streets often call him a freak.

All the relatives broke off their relations with Thomas as they consider him an unworthy person.

His mother committed suicide when he was 12 and his father was never close to him. Thomas was born as a girl named Tracy but being a child he always acted as a mischievous boy.

At the age of 20 the young man decided that he was trapped inside a woman’s body and when he was 24 he started to take male hormones. That was the first step to the sex change.

When Thomas met his wife she already had two kids, but once they decided to have the third one, it was the man who needed the sperm donor since Nancy was no longer able to bear children.

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