Zhivopisny Link is a cable-stayed bridge that covers Moskva Stream in north-western Moscow, Russian federation. It is the first cable-stayed bridge in Moscow. Started out on 27 Dec 2007 as an aspect of Krasnoprenensky opportunity. It is also the biggest cable-stayed bridge in European countries.
Design and specifications

The bridge is exclusive in that most of its duration operates along the stream, not across it (see the website plan). Thus the bridge and road it provides will avoid the secured area of Serebryany Bor isle. Complete duration of an S-shaped outdoor patio surpasses 1.5 miles, along with a 420-meter lengthy, 47-meter extensive primary area operating 30 meters above and along the centerline of river Moskva. The primary pylon is a 105-meter great posture across the stream, holding the bodyweight of outdoor patio through 78 cords. Under the top of the posture, there is a disk-like framework that was designed to home a cafe. The cafe venture is now discontinued due to flame protection issues and deficiency of financial commitment.

Cars showed up on the Zhivopisny Link over the Moscow River in 2007, but the dome clinging under the posture has not been used. They desired to use it as a statement outdoor patio first, then – as a cafe, lastly it was made the decision to create a personal computer workplace there. Now it’s going to be an awesome position to get wedded.

This “egg” will be used as a personal computer workplace.

 However the primary developing of the personal computer workplace is on the floor, the primary wedding will be organized here.

Now they are restoring it and should complete before the end of 2012.

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